Polyester Powder Coating

About Powder Coating

  • Polyester Powder Coating in Progress

    Polyester Powder Coating in Progress

Polyester powder coatings create a colourful, eye-catching finish for modern buildings and an elegant solution for heritage projects. The colour is applied using an electrostatic process which is then baked and cured, thereby having the environmentally-friendly advantage of being applied without the use of solvents.

JWD Powder Coat Facility

  • Polyester Powder Coating - Baking Oven

    Polyester Powder Coating - Baking Oven

JWD provides dedicated polyester powder coating services to third party customers and clients throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. The powder coating of aluminium is the company's core competency but other materials can be coated by agreement and where relevant. Please call to discuss your individual requirements.

Powder Coating takes place at JWD's 22,000sq ft premises alongside the main fabrication facility. Application capability consists of batch production quantities ranging from small pieces up to 3m lengths x up to 1m drop, fed through an automatic track system and coated with mechanical reciprocators for speed and accuracy.

Service First

  • Automated Polyester Powder Coating Plant

    Automated Polyester Powder Coating Plant

JWD has been a 'Service First' Associate since 2007 which is the name given to an elite network of industrial powder and wet paint coaters in the UK, that have been audited and approved by Azko Nobel's own quality assurance inspectors.

The auditing process not only involves a detailed inspection of the plant and the power coating process, but also takes into account the emotional aspects of dealing with a 'Service First' Associate, including the company’s approach to customers, the internal culture and communication, and its people orientation and delivery strategies.

Colours and Materials

JWD can provide all standard RAL and BS4800 colours, which can be specified in a choice of finishes including matt, gloss and satin. Many are held in stock; others can be ordered to your requirements. Special colours can be specified by consultation according to the project and timescales.

Other Solutions

  • Brightly coloured Powder coated components

    RAL and BS colours available

Manufacture at JWD is predominantly based on sheet, profiled, extruded and cast aluminium materials, a quantity of which are always held in stock, ready for manufacture into different aluminium building detail and weather protection solutions.

With its automated metal forming facility and dedicated team of specialist technicians and finishers, JWD's capability also extends to producing building product solutions in other similar materials and fabrications in preparation for powder coat application.

To view the range of powder coat colours, please contact the sales department at JWD.

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Disclaimer: to maintain the appearance and maximise the durability of powder coated finishes, regular cleaning and maintenance are required. The durability of powder coating is affected by environmental factors and the extent, frequency and quality of maintenance. The coatings manufacturer, Cromadex, compares these types of coatings to those on a car: cleaning and maintenance are required, and accumulations of dust and dirt will permit degradation of the surface, as will physical damage, such as chips and scratches. Marine, polluted and other harsh environments can be very detrimental to powder coated finishes. For more information, please get in touch and/or see data published by the coatings manufacturer Cromadex.

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